Just for Fun Theatre Group (JFF) was founded in September 2012 with just fifteen children who came along for a “taster”.  There are now 10 sessions in three locations; Boston Spa, Tadcaster and Wetherby.  Some of our original children are still with us, and some have left and come back!


As the name suggests, JFF is a fun based theatre group.  The number of children in each group is limited so the children get the most out of each session. We play lots of confidence building games, put together role plays, and as show-time approaches we work really hard on our pieces.


We perform at least one show every year.  We have great fun at showtime, a firm favourite for all is the time between performances, where friends and memories are made.


All the shows are self-funding, i.e. any profit from one goes towards the production of the next. Everyone is involved but no child is ever made to do anything they are uncomfortable with. Additional rehearsals are held at no extra cost to families, and costumes are provided, funded by our annual fundraiser.


Increasingly popular are our holiday clubs, both craft/fun activity days, or three day theatre programmes, putting on a production in three days start-to-finish.


I am incredibly proud of all the children who come to JFF, particularly those of a shy nature, whose confidence is visibly growing.  It is wonderful to get such positive feedback from parents, who have noticed a difference not just on the stage, but at school and other clubs.


Just for Fun will be back just as soon as the Government tell us it's safe to do so.


In the meantime please stay safe, I look forward to seeing everyone again soon.


 07793 557932

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