It is incredible to think that helping with my childrens’ year six productions would lead to what JFF has become.  After my youngest child’s production, it was suggested that I start a local drama school.  I pointed out that I couldn’t run a school as I wasn’t a teacher, and one of my friends said, “It doesn’t have to be a school, it can be Just for Fun.”


My husband pointed out I had nothing to lose, printed some flyers for me and I put them out on the last day of term.  In September 2012 fifteen children came for a free trial, and the rest, as they say is history.


Two years later I started in Tadcaster and two years after that in Wetherby.  From those 15 children, there are now over 150!

Our sessions are fun-filled from start to finish.  If you ask the children what they have done they will tell you they played games…..but there is method in the madness!  The madness clearly works.  As  the children become comfortable, their confidence grows.


Even ten years on the ethos of the group remains the same. Every child who wants to perform gets the chance to perform. Some of the children who now have the confidence to perform lines on their own, would never have had the confidence to do so when they first started.  In fact, for some of the children, just walking on to a stage is a huge deal.


I am incredibly proud of every single one of them.


I am always happy to talk about JFF, so please do give me a call if you would like any more information.





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